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Theona Spurr 

Theona has been an accredited Massage Therapist with The Association of Therapists since 2000.

Theona has been working in the Massage industry for over 22 years.  She has studied extensively with some of the best lecturers and practitioners in the country.
Clinically she has worked with the most elite sports teams such as the Australian Male Cricket Team, most of the NRL teams in the country and the Waratah Rugby Union team to name a few.  Theona utilises advanced skills in Remedial Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Theragun and Myofascial Release to assist many of her clients.
Energetically she has been trained in CST for a number of years where she furthered her skills, strengthening her intuition to see channels of pain in the body emotionally and physically and treat according to the blockages she sees.
Theona specialises in Fascia, the connected web, the system that integrates the entire body.  
It works on the principle that where there is pain may not necessarily be the cause of dysfunction.
Theona has spent several years researching Head forward posture in order to help children negate the negative effects of devices and C curve posture and founded Kids Upright with APA Sports Physiotherapist Sarah Kelly.
They developed a program for schools, ran a successful pilot program produced an article on the study and delivered the program to schools in the ACT.    Kids Upright was designed to teach children what proper posture looked like and to incorporate regular, short, Physiotherapist derived movement breaks from sedentary behaviour to reset the Central Nervous System.
Theona has developed exceptional Practitioner referral bases over time.  Theona hears your story, consults with you  about who you might need to see moving forward and is able to refer to specialist Doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Counsellors, Naturopaths and many other professional modalities so that you receive the assistance and proper facilitation you require to feel better.